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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 17, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: america mourns and salutes its fallen servicemen. we now know more about the victims and about the gunman accused of an act of terror. also tonight a black woman is found hanging in her prison cell. was it suicide or a crime? a medical drone makes a house call. and steve hartman with a world war ii vet on a whole new mission. >> if you fail you're a crazy old man. if you succeed you're a hero. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we now know the four marines murdered yesterday, and as the nation mourned their remains were taken from tennessee to dover air force
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base in delaware to be prepared for their final honors. today the government said it is investigating the shooting attack at two military sites in chattanooga, tennessee as an act of terror, and we have learned a great deal more about the gunman and those he took from us. dean reynolds begins our coverage. >> as strangers neighbors and friends pause to reflect on their loss flowers and flags expanded a makeshift memorial. ashley miller brought her five-year-old son blake in his marine dress uniform to salute the fallen. >> his father is a lieutenant in the marine corps. i just wanted to come down and have him pay his respects and my respect, as well. >> reporter: ava hastings was overcome. >> this really makes me sad. this just really makes me sad for the families. >> reporter: throughout the day the names of the marines slowly emerged, some who had fought in wars abroad ambushed here in chattanooga.
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40-year-old gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan of hampden, massachusetts, a purple heart recipient and veteran of two tours in iraq. 21-year-old lance corporal scipione of -- skip wells of cobb county, georgia, joined the force two years ago. david wyatt lived in nearby hixson tennessee, and left behind a wife and two children. and 25-year-old sergeant carson holmquist from grantsburg, wisconsin, was married with averseas until a year ago. in a somber motorcade this afternoon, their bodies were removed from the scene. a fifth victim, 26-year-old navy specialist randall smith was shot three times and remains hospitalized in critical condition. the local mosque where the gunman once worshipped today canceled celebrations marking the end of the holy month of ramadan. mosque leaders said it just wasn't the right time to be celebrating. instead, scott, local muslims came here to this baptist church for a community gathering.
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>> pelley: dean reynolds on the story for us tonight. dean, thank you. another marine and a chattanooga police officer were also wounded, and the gunman was killed by police. jeff pegues has more about him. >> reporter: this cell phone video captured part of the gunman's shoot-out with police. [gunfire] 24-year-old mohammad youssef abdulazeez was carrying two rifles and a handgun. officials tell us at least one of the rifles was an assault-style weapon. police also say he was wearing a with enough ammunition to reload. f.b.i. special agent in charge ed reinhold. >> these officers were under a tremendous amount of gunfire from this individual and yet they continued to move forward against this target and engage him and eliminate that threat, saving numerous lives throughout this community. >> reporter: abdulazeez's computers and other communication devices have been sent to the f.b.i. lab in quantico virginia. officials will see whether he had contact with isis or other
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terrorist groups. officials say he traveled to jordan last year and spent seven months overseas. investigators want to know who he met with and if any of his contacts attempted to radicalize him. investigators have discovered two blog posts attributed to abdulazeez. "this life is short and bitter," the author says. "the opportunity to submit to allah may pass you by." it was written just three days before the shooting. people who know him say abdulazeez seemed like a normal american kid. he was a wrestler in high school. in a yearbook posting he said his name made people take note of him. he wrote, "my name causes national security alerts. what does yours do?" he graduated from the university of tennessee at chattanooga with a degree in engineering. he interned at tennessee valley authority, a federally owned utility that operates power plants. in mid-april he was pulled over for driving under the influence. officers wrote he was slurring
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his speech had bloodshot eyes and they say there was an odor of an alcoholic beverage and burnt marijuana. late today we learned that in 2013 abdulazeez worked as an engineer at a nuclear power plant near cleveland, ohio but a spokesperson for the plant says he was only employed there for ten days did not enter secure areas of the plant and did not have access to any sensitive plant information. scott, plant officials say they are cooperating with this investigation. >> pelley: jeff pegues reporting from washington tonight. jeff, thank you very much. today the f.b.i. said it would monitor the investigation enter a woman's death in a texas jail. she was arrested after a traffic stop, but a few days later she was dead. sherry williams of our cbs affiliate in houston khou is following this. >> reporter: 28-year-old sandra bland, an illinois native had just moved to texas to start a new job.
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last friday afternoon she was pulled over for reportedly failing to signal a lane change. police say she then kicked the officer getting out of the car. >> [inaudible] i can't even hear. >> reporter: she was then held in custody on $5,000 bail. three days later she was dead found hanging in her cell. the medical examiner's office ruled her death a suicide, but bland's family says she had no reason to kill herself. her sister shannon cooper. >> it is unimaginable and difficult for us to wrap our minds around the sandy that we knew. >> reporter: prosecutors say at 7:00 a.m. monday, a deputy brought her breakfast but never entered her cell. an hour later bland talked by intercom to another deputy, asking if she could make a phone call. at approximately 9:07 a.m. she was found hanging in her cell. waller county district attorney
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elton matthis. >> the death of miss sandra bland will not be swept under the rug, but there will be no one who is protected. >> reporter: bland was vocal in her views on perceived police aggression. she often posted video diaries on social media. >> you can't tell me that the law doesn't see colors. >> reporter: but in one posting from march, she revealed she was battling her own demons. >> i am suffering from something that some of you all may be dealing with right now. it's a little bit of depression as well as ptsd. >> reporter: the texas rangers have launched an independent investigation into what happened to sandra bland here at the jail. and, scott, the district attorney says surveillance video from inside the jail could be released as early as monday. >> pelley: sherry williams of khou reporting for us tonight. sherry, thank you. and late today the texas department of public safety told us that traffic stop procedures were violated in this case and one of the officers involved has been reassigned to a desk job.
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three tornadoes touched down overnight in illinois. this twister near monmouth went on the flatten homes and businesses in cameron. the town of delavan though, was hardest hit. more than 30 homes were blown apart, but there were no serious injuries. this is the anniversary of the shootdown of malaysia airlines flight 17. a memorial was held today in the netherlands. most of the passengers were dutch. mh-17 was en route from amsterdam to malaysia when it was hit by an anti-aircraft missile over ukraine, which is fighting a civil war. 298 were killed. here's mark phillips. [bell tolls] >> reporter: in the ukrainian village where this happened they commemorated the tragedy too. the area is still control by pro-russian rebel, the same rebels first on the scene a year ago and who seemed shocked to discover that the wreckage they were looking at was not of a
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ukrainian military plane. this is a passenger plane the rebel leader taking the footage says "malaysia." examining the wreckage in the days after the crash revealed this was no accident. the plane had been shot down. and here big pieces, big holes, penetrating from the outside in. this is what's left of the cockpit the crew controls there, the flight computer, the pilot's seat and the metalwork again, pen traiting whole. a year later the rebels are still the obvious prime suspects, and the families of the victims are getting impatient for justice. the chief prosecutor in holland, fred westerbeke says that he hopes to bring charges by the end of the year but finding evidence that will stand up in court has not been easy. do you f under any kind of deadline, pressure?
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>> we really need time to do it do it good, and you only get one chance to go to a judge, and then it has to be perfect. >> reporter: the russians still reject the claim that the rebels plane down. the ukrainians did it they say. and president putin has rejected the call for an international tribunal. this man though says the evidence still points at the pro-russian rebels. and elliot higgins has provided dutch investigators with social media data that he says proves that a russian missile launcher was in the area at the time and that it fired. >> they say, there was a missile launch, there was a loud noise. i saw this smoke myself. i can see the missile going up from the ground. >> reporter: accusing a group of shooting a plane down is one thing. apprehending individual suspects in a war zone and bringing them to trial scott is something else. >> pelley: mark phillips who has been covering the story for
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us from the beginning reporting from the london newsroom. mark, thank you. the end judge -- jeb bush reported that there are signs that his father is recovering from a broken bone in his neck. >> my dad gets in the hospital kind of pretty regularly at 91. he's a little frail. but when he starts telling semidirty jokes to the nurses, you know that he's on the rebound. [laughter] >> pelley: george h.w. bush, our 41st president, fell wednesday at his summer home in kennebunkport, maine. today the drone delivery business had what some are calling its kitty hawk moment in reference to the town made famous by the wright brothers. chip reid is in rural virginia where a medical drone made house calls. >> reporter: in the mountains of central appalachia about 3,000 people are flocking to this year's free health care clinic in wise county, virginia. many here come every year. it's the only health care they get. but this year there's a new guest. it's one of first federal li
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approved deliveries by drone guided by gps and using drone-drop technology, it brought multiple shipments of prescription drugs that were delivered to about a dozen patients including bob and shirley woodward. >> shirley i got your medicine. >> reporter: people in the mountains have hard time getting medicine. >> they do. they have to drive an hour at least to get to the pharmacy. >> reporter: today's deliveries were from an airport only a mile away. it was a demonstration to show what's possible and the future of the plan is to deliver medicine and medical supplies right to a remote patient's front door. >> i want the check on you all. >> reporter: teresa gardner is executive director of health wagon, which organizes this clinic. do you think using drones to deliver medicines would save lives in this mountainous area. >> the utility of us being able that get a medication out the a patient in these rural mountainous areas would be tremendous, and it would save lives. i would say it would save lives on a daily basis. >> reporter: stan brock,
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founder of remote area medical, which has held hundreds of health clinics around the world says drones could be invaluable after catastrophic events including major earthquakes. >> the ability to be able to dispatch life-saving blood for a transfusion from point a to point b in disasters is coming, and we need it. >> reporter: stan brock's prediction, scott, is in less than ten years drones like this one will be delivering emergency medical supplies to locations around the world. >> pelley: chip reid reporting for us tonight. chip, thank you. today nasa shared more high-resolution pictures of pluto that were sent back by the new horizons spacecraft. they reveal a vast frozen plain without craters which suggests that the surface is relatively young, possibly laid down by icy volcanos or geysers. pluto also has mountains of ice and rock 11,000 feet tall, as
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high as the rockies. we'll learn a lot more in the coming months. just 2% of the data captured by new horizons has been downloaded so far. also out of this world are egg prices. and an elephant pushed too far pushes back when the "cbs evening news." co rning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it!
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egg a day, no matter where they're at. because of the 10% loss of the laying flock in the united states, we see that demand is outpacing supply everywhere. >> reporter: that short supply has driven up egg prices 60% since bird flu hit. in june alone prices increased more than 18%, the largest monthly jump in more than 40 years. >> i would say they're the second biggest-selling item. >> reporter: supermarket chain mar yawn -- mariano's gets some of its eggs from the farm. >> they're in other product, as well. they're in breaking products and they're used in gluten-free projects as a binding agents. >> have you seen price changes in those products? >> yes those prices have increased as well. >> reporter: although hyland says supermarkets have been able to meet demand, others have turned to rationing. one texas grocer has limited
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eggs to three each. a chinese food company replaced fried eggs with corn. frozen custard giant rita's, which uses 1,600 pounds of egg yolks each day announced it's replacing its signature dessert with soft-serve ice cream. there have been no new cases of bird flu in the last month because a virus can't thrive in warm weather, but cooler temperatures in the fall may lead to another outbreak. >> pelley: adrianna diaz for us tonight. adrianna, thanks very much. a teenager attempts an impossible shot or is it? it's just ahead. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox,
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>> pelley: a circus elephant in denmark apparently didn't like being hit by its handler so it took out its frustrations on a car, tossing and pushing it around. earlier a number of elephants got spooked by a crowd. activists want denmark to ban these magnificent animals from
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the circuses. kevin libertowski is a trick shot artist who keeps topping himself. the 19 year old from ohio bounced on a trampoline and fired not one but two basketballs into a hoop 60 feet away. here's another look. libertowski admits that it took many attempts to make this double shot. president obama had a special guest today. emma didlake of detroit is america's oldest-living veteran. she's 110. she served in the women's auxiliary army corps during world war ii and she marched with martin luther king in 1963. asked if she'll live to be 120 didlake said she didn't know she'd be 110. well emma, have we got a guy for you. steve hartman catches up with a veteran-turned road warrior next. >> tonight's "on the road" segment is sponsored by liberty mutual insurance.
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>> pelley: we end tonight with a gentleman who has quite a few miles under his belt. steve hartman met him where else, on the road. >> reporter: three days a week 91-year-old ernie andrus puts on his support stockings and tennis shoe, generally lowers himself out of the r.v. he's been living in and slowly returns to his mission. >> the older i get, the slower i go. >> reporter: to become the oldest person in america to run across america. >> i'm running the whole thing every step of the way. >> reporter: he began in 2013 near san diego and when we met him last summer, he was outside phoenix. ernie obviously loves running, if you can call this that. but the world war ii vet says there's another much greater
6:57 pm
purpose here. >> i want people to know what the war was all about and what it took to win it. >> reporter: specifically this old sailor is running to raise awareness for one of the unsung heroes of the war a ship he served on called an l.s.t. it stands for landing ship tank. that's how the allies got heavy equipment on to beaches. the u.s. built more than 1,000 l.s.t.s during the war but today only one remains in its original configuration. it's parked here on the ohio river in evansville, indiana. ernie says if he can run across the country at 91, the least you can do is drive to indiana to see the thing. >> this shouldn't be forgotten. eisenhower and churchill made a similar remark that it's the ship that won the war. >> reporter: won the war? >> yeah. without 'em, how could you have taken all those islands? how could you have even taken normandy? >> reporter: which is why 70 years later ernie andrus is out
6:58 pm
here returning the favor. he runs five miles gets a ride or hitchhikes back to his vehicles, and runs another five miles two days later. >> if you fail, you're a crazy old land. if you succeed, you're a hero. >> reporter: after this story aired, i was thinking crazy old man, but look who we found. these other people are supporters who join him on occasion. >> i'm making so many friends, i'm loving it. >> reporter: next stop, the atlantic ocean. with 200 miles behind him, this old navy man is gaining an army of believers. steve hartman, on the road. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night.
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that nationals 1st half did not go exactly as scripted. they are on top of the nl east. the second half starts with another first place team, jordan zimmermann faces them in game number 1 in a big weekend series>>


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